Friday, April 5, 2019

The dinosaurs in the library crew are excited that the DINO-MITE
book fair is coming to SMITH!

Begin making your wish list and shopping for books on
April 12, 2019.

New this year...something called E-wallet!  Parents can put
money into an account for their students instead of sending
cash that might get lost!  Parents will receive a barcode to
printout for their children to use at the register when they
check out.  If parents put $30.00 in the account and the total
spent is only $26.99, the parents will only be charge $26.99.

Another new thing this year...All for Books benefitting
Scottish Rite Hospital for children!  Parents and students can
"round up" at the register to help purchase books for sick
patients at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Frisco! 
Let's help those in our community by donating to All for Books! 
Mrs. Pelias will deliver the books after the close of the book fair. 
Let's see if we can reach a lot of patients' hearts
with a good book to read.

Teachers will have wish list boxes available if students want to
buy a book for their classroom library!  What a great way to
be part of the classroom reading community!

Look for the book fair flyer with all the information about
donuts, books and story time in your Thursday folder next week!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dear Future Kindergarten Parents,

The time is coming near for your little one to head off to school! 
Kindergarten Round Up begins soon!  Many parents of young
children want to prepare their kids for school.  The BEST
thing that parents can do for their children is to read aloud to them daily.
Reading to your children daily increases their vocabulary and has
many other great benefits! 

Each new kindergarten family will receive a packet of information
upon registration.  Please pay careful attention to the flyer
from   Reading Rockets is a great resource
for parents of young readers!

As a special treat, the SMITH READS Library is giving away
one new paperback book to the first 50 Kindergarten families,
compliments of the SMITH PTA Book Fair .

Monday, March 25, 2019

Smith students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to "get their
Hollywood on" and create a book trailer for one of the
fabulous books in the SMITH READS Library!  

Get together with a friend or create a trailer on your own.  
Students can use any format!  Live action, animated, puppetry 
or you name it!

Just save the book trailer as a youtube video and email the link to 
Mrs.Pelias, !  

Trailers are created at home for fun.  
This is an optional contest...but will have 
prizes and bragging rights for the winners!!!

Lights, camera....ACTION!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From Leslie Elledge, Smith Receptionist:

Before I let another minute pass, I thought I would pass along a big compliment from Drew Daywalt, our visiting author on Friday.

As he was checking out in the Office, he paused to say how well our students listened and behaved during the assembly.  Then he stopped and added that they were pretty much the best group of students that he has ever presented to!

I told him that I wished I could record him saying that, but that I would pass along the compliment.   At that moment, I was so super proud of Smith.  I really wish you could have heard his compliment for yourselves!

Thanks, Mrs. Pelias, for creating a really fun event for our students and our school!!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Teachers had a morning of technology fun including
getting to know the Ozobots, and all they can do.

Mrs. Pelias facilitated the station where teachers were
taught about coding and creating a path for their Ozobots
to follow.  The teachers are excited to share these little
bots with the Smith coders! Students are getting future
ready and will need these coding and programming
skills for college or in the global workspace. 

Each grade level has some poetic forms included in their
curriculum and can integrate the ozobots to show how many
syllables are in a haiku, or code the ozobot to spin at every
rhyming word or descriptive language.

Teachers practiced coding the bots to follow directions
and embraced the challenges of the Ozobots and all
their fabulousness!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Smith is lucky to have author Drew Daywalt come present to us!!!  Thank you,
SMITH PTA for sponsoring his visit!  Students have heard Mrs. Pelias read
some of his books in the library.  Barnes and Noble is partnering with us, so that
parents can purchase autographed copies of his books before February 13, 2019.
Just look for the yellow form or print the one below.  Return the form and payment
by February 13, 2019.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Makers in Miss Madden's fifth grade class won a FREE maker day
in the library!  Little Bits were used to create circuits and make fans
blow and lights glow!  Ozobots were traveling down paths that
students coded using special markers and coding cues. Brand new to
Smith Dash and Dot Robots came to life using the app Blockly to code
them to action. Thank you to Peter Reynolds, for his Animation-ish
software (purchased by our SMITH PTA) the students were able
to create Flipbooks in Flipbook-ish.  Google Interland helped students
play games to understand more about being a responsible digital
citizen.  Old fashioned magnets were used to build crazy creations.

With all this fun going on in the library, noone wanted to leave and go
back to class!  It looks like more STEM activities will be planned because
they were a HUGE success in the library!  Thank you to these fifth
graders for being supportive of our author visit and winning a free
Maker Day!  Look for more fun "making" in the near future at your
SMITH READS Library!!!