Monday, March 13, 2017

Readers at Smith are wacky for Dr. Seuss Day! The Smith teachers are dressing up like Dr. Seuss books on Friday and having students share parts of the book with all the students at Celebrate Smith!  And to think that I saw it on Sean Drive, the fun teachers like to have.  "Will they come to school and eat green eggs and ham?". "I think they will" says the Librarian, I am.

Grades K-2 are enjoying Dr. Seuss stations during their library visits all week long.  Older students will try to Breakout and find the missing Hat for the Cat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Smith art students took Aaron Reynolds' book Creepy Carrots seriously!  Mrs. Pitts has students molding with clay in the art room.  She is teaching the students about pinching techniques and how to care for clay.  The students have been creating Creepy Carrots to go in the Smith-hopper Field to welcome author, Aaron Reynolds next month.

Today was firing day!  The carrots are in the kiln cooking up to perfection.  After the carrots are done, students will glaze them with color before they get fired again.  Does Aaron Reynolds know how excited these students are?  Parents at Smith purchased over 60 copies of his different books for his visit.  He will be autographing for a while!  

Smith readers are looking forward to meeting Aaron Reynolds and showing off the Smith-hopper Field to him!  See you soon, Mr. Reynolds!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fifth graders are hanging out in the makerspace this week answering a Lego Challenge to design Valentines on the Lego Wall!  One is never to young to create with Legos!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Students in Kindergarten through second grade are researching using Pebble Go Biographies in the library to prepare for Black History Month this February!  Each class is making a poster to share information about famous African Americans who made a difference and a positive change in our country!  We all have equal rights and freedoms thanks to a lot of these leaders.  Please stop by our display in the hallways on the way to lunch or Celebrate Smith this week to see what the students have been learning.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Students who have read at least 5 of the Texas Bluebonnet nominees are voting for their favorite ones this week in the library.  The winning book's author will be awarded the coveted Texas Bluebonnet Award at the annual Texas Library Association conference this April.  A list of previous winners can be found here:  Check one out at the library today!!!

Good luck, authors!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to 2017!  This year could be the year of the books!!!  The SMITH READS library is open for business, so come on down for a great story.  Mrs. Pelias has some great things in store for students this year in the library.  The fun is just beginning!  There is a LOT happening at Smith in the new year!

Remember DOT DAY?  Kindergarten and first grade students saw Peter Reynolds explore creativity through making dots into all kinds of things!  Students visiting the library this week have been creating dot universes!!!

Fourth graders have been using the dictionary to help them review skills to find words and their meanings. One students was heard saying, no one uses a dictionary anymore; they just use their phone.  When asked what app on their phone they used, the student responded, "Webster's Online".  Students discovered that "Webster's Online"  is still considered to be a dictionary.  Dictionary skills are not as dead as students once believed.  It takes some thinking to discern which definition to use when there are so many multiple meaning words in the English language.  

Second graders have been meeting Flat Stanley this week and creating their own Stanley.  Mrs. Pelias read Jeff Brown's book, Flat Stanley to each class and shared the plan for Smith students to show Smith off to another FISD elementary school across town.  Students from Miller Elementary will be doing the same activity.  We will share photos of Stanley around the school for a virtual visit of another campus!

After the school visits, Flat Stanley will go home with second graders.  Students will send Stanley on a vacation wherever they choose!  Students need to know somewhere wherever they are sending Stanley to be a host family.  For an example: If the student's cousins live in California, Stanley can be mailed off on a fabulous vacation!  The cousins could take Stanley to famous landmarks or exciting places where they live.  Grandparents could host Stanley too!  College friends of students' parents...aunts.....uncles...friends who have moved away...the sky's the limit!  Well, unless you know an astronaut, you really couldn't send Stanley to outer space!  Just ask your host family to take photos of Stanley visiting fun places around their town to share with us!  They can tweet photos with the #smithreadsflatstanley2017 and tag @smithreads on Twitter!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Students created origami bookmarks in the library that are perfect for their holiday reading.  Make your own following the directions on the video below!