Monday, November 12, 2018

NSE News
Written By: Clementine R.M
for the people who have saved our lives.

Students at Noel A. Smith Elementary in Frisco, Texas
celebrate Veterans Day like it’s the most important holiday
ever! Every Friday, the students at Smith Elementary
have a get together to celebrate the men and women
who saved their lives!
“We all dress up in a bunch of red, white and blue!”
Says Jessie M. , a student in the fifth grade at Smith.
Some students read poems for the Veterans and others
sing songs. They put up pictures  for the Veterans. They have
a whole morning to celebrate the Veterans. And later, they
present some coffee and treats for the incredible men and
Students of all ages spend their WIN time (what I need time)
making projects and and pouring their hearts and souls into the
projects that would soon be seen by the Veterans walking down
the halls of Noel Smith Elementary. All students take this day
seriously, and none take it and the Veterans for granted. The
walls of the Smith Library get pasted with art, thank you letters
and notes, and more for the Veterans.
The Smith librarian, Mrs. Pelias, makes sure all of the
children contribute to making all of the hard working men
and women feel at home. She reads books to the little ones,
and feeds the older ones with information about the
amazing Veterans Day.

“We all go to the cafeteria and sing patriotic songs and do
other things like that to honor the Veterans.” Says Reese M,
another fifth grade student.
Noel Smith Elementary tries their best to make EVERY Veteran feel at home.

Photos by: Jan Pelias, Smith Librarian

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Students, you can check out ebooks with a great new

Overdrive app, SORA!  Look for it in the Google App

Store or on Google Play today!  See below for directions:

Paws for Books is a new reading program brought to Smith 
by the Heart of Texas therapy dogs.  Students in second grade 
began reading to the dogs twice a month.  Both the dogs, their 
owners and the students have been enjoying their visits!  

Students are gaining confidence in their reading and 
practicing communication skills with the dogs' owners.  
Next month third graders will have their chance to meet 
the dogs and read with them.  Following several months
together, the first graders will have their turn at spending 
time with the dogs.

Students in grades 1, 3 and 5 exercised the creative
side of their brains while working on these fabulous
storybook pumpkins.  Here are a few pumpkins that
decorated the library and made it festive for the month
of October.  All pumpkins need to be picked up by 
November 2, 2018.