Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bon Voyage, Flat Stanley!

Second and Third Graders at Smith have been creating their very own Flat Stanleys while enjoying the Read It Forward 2010 book, Stanley, Flat Again.  After reading about the boy who got flattened by a bulletin board, the kids are prepared to send Stanley on vacation to see some family or perhaps friends that live far away.

Parents, you can look forward to seeing Flat Stanley come home before Thanksgiving along with a letter with directions.  If you can think of someone who lives far away, you and your child can mail Stanley off and await his return.  It helps so much if you can call ahead to let them know Stanley is on the way.  Encourage them to make some souvenir clothes for Stanley to wear when he heads back to Frisco.  Ask them to take pictures in front of landmarks in their town and write about Stanley's adventures on the story paper.  Everything is explained in the yellow letter you will send with Stanley on his journey.

We will have a Flat Stanley Day in January.  Please ask your family or friends to mail Stanley back to the Smith Library by January 7, 2011.  Thanks so much for your participation in this fun project!

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