Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrate reading all summer long
with these great tips!!!

            Children learn by example.  Take a book to the pool or beach.  Let the kids see you reading and enjoying it!  Don’t just read after they go to bed…they never see that.  Let the kids make frequent visits to the Frisco Public Library.  Look at their website for more information:  http://www.friscolibrary.com/ .  Kids can also visit their local Barnes and Noble for story time and author visits.  Both venues will have summer reading incentives to keep the kids reading! 

            Encourage your children to read a book in a different genre, or style of book.  If they are always reading mysteries, see if they would like to try a fantasy or science-fiction book instead.  Let them pick it out.  If they don’t like it, that’s ok.  However, if they do…that just opened up a whole new world to them!

            Book choices for summer reading should be “just right” books.  This will keep your kids fluent in reading.  When you pick books to read aloud, you can pick those at a higher reading level.  This will expose the children to a higher level of vocabulary in a safe zone since the parent will be the reader.

            Have your kids start a book club with friends!  Let the kids get together and pick a book to read.  Look online to see what authors will be visiting local bookstores and pick one of their books.  Then go visit the author!  What fun the kids will have telling the author what they liked about the bookJ

            Don’t forget that writing is just as important as reading!  My kids and my nieces have kept journals during the summer for the last three or four years.  They love looking back to see what was important when they were much younger.  I just let them have “writing time” right after lunch every day.  It’s a free-writing time…they can write about anything!  Usually, they write about what they did at VBS or swimming.  Sometimes their imaginations go wild, and they end up with a great story to share!

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