Friday, October 28, 2011

On October 27, 2011, libraries across Texas participated in “Texas Library Snapshot Day” by collecting information, comments, and photographs from events in a typical library day. The results below provide indisputable proof that the SMITH LIBRARY consistently provides invaluable services to our Smith friends and families.
In Just One Day at the Smith Elementary Library:
  • 219 Smith students walked through the doors of the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • 279  books, movies, and more were borrowed from SMITH’s LIBRARY!
  • Over 100 students used computers at the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • Over 150 questions were answered at the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • 721 students participated in Read It Forward at the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • 41 students participated in the Smith Bluebonnet Reading Program!
  • 4 classes participated in the Kinder Take Home Backpack Program!
  • 71 adults and faculty participated in programs at the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • 138 people visited the SMITH READS blog at !
  • 102 people used Smith Library’s databases and e-resources!
  • 5 moms volunteered in the SMITH LIBRARY!
  • 86  people expressed their opinion about the SMITH LIBRARY:
“There are many good books to read and a lot of fun activities!”

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