Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smith 5th graders are counting down alright...but it's probably not the countdown to summer like you may be thinking.  Students in the Smith Book Club have taken a time machine back to the 60s and reading about life "back in the day".  They have learned how different duck and cover was back then compared to the duck and cover for bad weather drills Smith might have today.  

This incredible book is a fiction story about a girl and her family who lives in Washington D.C. and the stress they face during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This historical fiction book by Deborah Wiles includes news articles from the time as well as black and white photos to help students "feel" the setting.  The book is a chapter book that leans toward the hybrid feel of books that is so popular amongst readers today!  It's a great read for boys and girls!!!  

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