Thursday, September 27, 2012

5th graders at Smith are acting as campaign managers for candidates in the 2012 election this year!  The students are choosing their favorite picture book character and creating slogans and campaign commercials to win the president's seat! 

The first order of business is to find quality characteristics in a character that represent those of a great president!  The students will then create a poster and write a script for their commercials.  After taping their commercial,  the video clip will be put into iMovie for a finished look and shared with the entire school who will then vote for their favorite president! 

The mud will start slinging as the Pigeon, the Cat in the Hat, No! David and other characters run their presidential campaigns at Smith!  Elections results to be announced after the November election!  Stay tuned on Election Day to see which book character will be in the White House!

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