Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome to the Smith Library!  All Kindergarten students are checking out their first library book this week!  Please enjoy reading the book with your child and help him or her take good care of the book.  During story time, kindergarteners enjoyed a book titled, Mr. Wiggle's Book.  It's a great little story that reminds kids to be responsible for their library book and keep it out of harm's (little brother, little sister, dog) way!  The kids will visit the library each week...please help your child remember to return the library book to school on the day of your scheduled visit with Mrs. Pelias!  Thanks!!!

Students will be checking books out with their student ID number.  Please help your child learn his/her number with the letter that went home on library day!  Thanks for your support of  your child's reading experience in the Smith Library.

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