Thursday, November 29, 2012

December 1st is author Jan Brett's birthday and Smith enjoys celebrating her big day each year in the library with the Gingerbread Story Porch!  Inspired by books like Gingerbread Friends and Gingerbread Baby,  Mrs. Elledge, our wonderful library aide, created this awesome winter wonderland for the students to enjoy!  Mrs. Elledge has a porch at her own home and has always wanted to create a gingerbread house during the holidays at home.  The mysterious Texas weather has kept her from setting up something outside.  Smith is very lucky that she has brought her vision to us!!!   

Stop by the library soon to see this fabulous display!



We also have a literature tree in the lobby of the library for students, parents and staff to enjoy!  Former student, Jewon Sohn hand-painted some character ornaments for children to enjoy.  The students come in with cheers of delight when they find the pigeon, the hungry caterpillar and Capt. Underpants hanging on the tree!


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