Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flat Stanley went home this Thanksgiving with Smith 2nd graders!  The students are enjoying Jeff Brown's Flat Stanley books in the library with Mrs. Pelias.  Now students are sending their own Flat Stanleys around the world on adventures of their own!

Parents, if you haven't mailed Stanley yet...there is still time!  You might want to call ahead first, so that they are expected Stanley as their guest.  Tell them to take him around their hometown and capture the moments with a camera! 

Stanley just needs to be back in Frisco by February 2013 for the Flat Stanley Celebration.  Be creative this year!  If you can't get Stanley in the mail, perhaps he could take a "digital" vacation?!  Much like using a green screen, you could let Stanley go anywhere you can imagine!!!

Upon Stanley's arrival, choose one photo to write about for the Flat Stanley Display on the 2nd grade board.  Feel free to email Mrs. Pelias with questions at peliasj@friscoisd.org


  1. Our Flat Stanley is in Germany... If our "host" family complies, should get some nice photos. What a fun project!

  2. Wow! Germany!!! I wonder if Stanley will be getting some wooden shoes to put out for Santa? It would be neat to hear about the holiday traditions over there when he gets back to Frisco.