Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smith Book Camp
Children’s Book Week    May 13-17
Monday…Exercise Wear Day
Dress for a reading workout.  Clothes must be school appropriate.
Drop and do 20….pushups or pages! Exercise your brain!!!

Tuesday… Reading Obstacle Course Day
Read all over the school!  Find jokes or stories anywhere in the building!  In the café…in the bathrooms…in the hallways!  Read!  Read! Read!!!

Wednesday…Favorite Book Character Day
Students dress up like their favorite book character! Stop by the library to show off your character creationJ

Thursday…DEAR Day
Drop Everything And Read Day!  Enjoy a good book with your teacher, class, friends or by yourself!  Spend some time in another place with new friends in a book!

Friday…Camo or Duck Dynasty Day
Wear your camouflage or dress like a duck man and be “happy, happy, happy” about books!

Also, enjoy your teachers at the Annual Smith Book Idol Contest! 

All library books are due on/before May 17, 2013!
Warm Fuzzies* for everyone who has their books in by May 17!!!
*All warm fuzzies will be delivered to your homeroom during the week AFTER Smith Book Camp

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