Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Students in the SMITH READS Library are "falling" into their favorite books this October!  The Makerspace Jr is open and some girls in Ms. Detten's class made a clever bookmark today.  Makerspaces are the latest trend in libraries all across the United States.  Some spaces feature crafty items while others boast high tech tools!  Our Makerspace Jr in the SMITH READS library will vary from month to month.  Sometimes there will be a library craft, while other times students will have a variety of materials in which they will design and create something new!  The SMITH READS Library is taking donations of old Lego building blocks that are sitting around being unused at home.  If you can spare a few, please send them to the library in a ziploc baggie.  
Students will put them to good use in our Makerspace Jr!!!


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