Monday, December 1, 2014

Smith Second Graders will be reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown with Mrs. Pelias on December 12, 2014.  Students will enjoy “life in the flat lane” as Stanley wakes up one morning flat as a pancake!  A bulletin board falls on him during the night and causes this never-heard-of before incident.  Stanley embraces being flat when he learns that it has its advantages.  One of the greatest things about being flat is that he can be mailed to any vacation destination in an envelope!

For 50 years, students have been enjoying the story of Flat Stanley.  This year Second Graders will be creating their own Flat Stanleys and mailing them off to a friend or relative over Winter Break.  All Flat Stanleys need to be back in Frisco by the end of February 2015.  To keep up with the times, we are asking participants to Tweet pictures of Flat Stanley’s journey to Twitter using the hashtag #flatstanleysmithreads and @smithreads in the Tweet!

For photos of previous Flat Stanley journeys, 

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