Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Every April people celebrate poetry all over the world.  It's no different at Smith Elementary!  Students of all grades will be reading poetry and learning about various kinds of poems during the next month.  Readers will enjoy poems that rhyme and those that do not.  Students will even become poets themselves as they create different kinds of poems about their favorite things.  

A lot of times poetry has a point that the reader needs to infer through the written words.  Students will get some practice making inferences while enjoying poetry read aloud during their visits to the library.  Classroom teachers are sharing different types of poetry with their students this month also.  Ask your child to share their favorite poem or poet with you.  Parents, please read poems with your children.  Reading poetry can be a higher level thinking experience on its own and help your child stretch his brain a little bit.  

You can find poetry books in the 811 Poetry section of the SMITH READS library!  
Poems can be about anything.  Here are a few poems about books for you to enjoy!!!

"Open A Book", author unknown

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