Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Something new is happening at the SMITH READS Library!  Each week, the Kindergarten and First Grade teachers are given THREE special passes for students to attend an extra story time before school!  Students are the first to hear some books that just arrived to the library.  Some of the stories are interactive, some are informational and others are just plain fun!  

If your child comes home with the coveted, laminated invitation, please have them at the SMITH READS library at 7:30 am on the Wednesday of the week when he/she receives the "pass". (These Wake Up Reading students will not have to report to the gym, if they have their special pass to get in the library).  Students must have the pass to enter Wake Up Reading time.  

These VIPs will be entertained and delighted with several great picture books before returning to class for the day. This is a great reward for the students to work towards receiving.  Talk to your teacher today if you want to work with her for your student to be chosen!  Teachers typically choose students based on behavior, improvement and attitude in the classroom.  

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