Friday, April 17, 2015

That's right!  Marc Tyler Nobleman is coming to Smith Elementary to speak to all of the students!  Thank you, Smith PTA for sponsoring this great event.  Mr. Nobleman loves to research and has put his findings in many great books for children to enjoy.  For all the Super Hero fans out there, you can find out how Superman and Batman REALLY came to be.  Students will learn some great "behind-the-scenes" information about the creators of both super heroes reading these books and listening to Mr. Nobleman when he comes to Smith in May.  

We will be celebrating Children's Book Week when he comes to see us on May 6 and will dress up like our favorite super heroes to make him feel at home!  Let's make reading our super power!!!  Maybe he will let us know what super hero will be the subject of his next book?!  
Maybe he's even researching a new super hero right now?!

Students may order the books below for Mr. Nobleman to autograph by turning in an order form with a check to Barnes and Noble to the SMITH READS Library by April 24.  Autographed books make great birthday presents and great rewards for doing well in school too!  


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