Thursday, May 28, 2015

5th graders apply at the beginning of each school year to volunteer in the library.  Here is what this year's library crew has to say their future replacements!!!

Riley says that Smith library crew is so much fun.  Even though there is work, it is an amazing experience!  Skits, poem in your pocket and more!  How much fun will that be?  Join the Smith Library Crew and help Mrs. Pelias.

From Colette...The Smith library is such an amazing place.  Personally, I am on Library crew.  For the 4th graders going into 5th grad, l8ibrary crew is so much fun!  You get to do things like making the fuzzies, doing skits, and making songs.  You get to be with all your friends.  Mrs. Pelias makes it a blast!  The library is such a good place to be!
Phoebe says library crew has been one of the main things in 5th grade.  You get to be in skits, organize shelves and even deliver books!  There are also parties just for the library crew.  You get your picture on your shelf and get to hang out with your friends.  My experience has been the best!  Keep Reading!!!
From Ella...Library crew is a fun way to help in the library.  Throughout library crew we have had a blast helping the library and the Smith community.  We have helped inform people about what is going on in the library.  I love getting to know the library and Mrs. Pelias.  And I know I will miss the Smith library when I am at Clark!
Payton says library crew is so much fun!  The things that we do are out of this world amazing!  Being a part of the library crew is amazing because of getting to hangout with shelves of books.  We get to help out with Mrs. Pelias and do fun presentations for Celebrate Smith.
From library crew I have really gotten to know Mrs. Pelias.  She may just be a librarian to you, but when you join library crew, you can really get to know her!  Not only that, but you get to make trips for her and straighten books.  I hope you join!  Have fun!!!
Isabella says being in the library crew has been an experience to remember forever.  I have gotten to take a swim in front of the school, gotten to be a purple crayon and gotten to be a people eating book!  I wish next year I could come back.  I trust Mrs. Pelias to pick brand new shelf helpers.  Good luck embracing your library super powers!

From Alexi...Being a library crew member is so much fun.  You get to be on stage, deliver books and clean shelves.  It is so much fun.  You should do it next year!

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