Friday, May 22, 2015

Smith students are taking over today's blog post!  
Here's what some of the students are saying about  the SMITH READS Library this year!

"I love coming to the library because the books are really fun to read.  I loved doing the book trailer contest this year.  I also love the Smith Book Idol and when everyone acts in the book idol.  The main thing I love about the library is Mrs. Pelias because she inspires me to read." 
- Kathryn, 4th grader

"Smith Reads is the best!  They set up the funnest things like the story telling festival, crafts and songs that persuade you to read.  They bring the most interesting author visits.  Lastly for the crafts, they make cool bookmarks and astonishing origami.  Smith Reads is the best!" - David, 4th grader

"The best things I like about library is Children's Book Week and Dot Day.  They are the best!" - Nicole, 2nd graders

"My favorite part of library this year was at the fantastic MakerSpace, making fortune tellers.  I had a blast at the library this year! - Hannah, 4th grader

"I like story time because it gets your mind off school and helps you stay calm.  I also like the fuzzies returning every year." - Peyton, 3rd grader

"This year in library I loved to go to my favorite book corner and lay down to read,  Making crafts in the MakerSpace with my best friends was also enjoyable.  This year was really, truly amazing in the Smith Elementary Library." - Navya, 4th grader

"I like Smith Library because when an author came we got to wear princess  dresses.  It was so fun!" - Charvi, 1st grader

"What I love about the Smith Reads library is that we do so many activities and we have such a good librarian.  She is loving and caring.  We get to do stuff on the iPads.  I always love to visit the Smith Reads library." -Zayyad, 4th grader

"What I like about the library is the Flat Stanleys once we did them.  And checking out books and reading them.  And I liked drawing the pigeon in the MakerSpace." - Avery, 2nd grader

"I love the paper folding.  I first saw them in the library.  I always love paper folding." 
- John, 3rd grader

"The sports section is so awesome.  The graphic novels at the Smith library are amazing. #Boss. Awesome library! - Shashwath, 4th grader

"I love Smith Reads because they have like 10,000 books in the library.  I love Mrs. Pelias because she reads us funny books.  She has fuzzies for us every year, and they are different!" 
- Nicole, 1st grader

"I love the story festival.  I also love the book fair.  I love all the challenges they do in the library." 
 -Dhilon, 4th grader

"My favorite thing to do at the Smith Reads Library was the Bluebonnet Program.  It was fun challenging myself and reading some amazing books." - Jamie, 4th grader

"I loved super hero day.  It was cool." - Adriana, 2nd grader

"the thing I liked was the Dot program because we got to draw dots and make them into flying dots.  We got to have a poster with all of our individual dots which were all different and unique in different shapes, sizes and colors." - Maansi, 3rd grader

"What I liked most about library this year was the Bluebonnet Program.  I liked it because we go to have the Bluebonnet lunch and get a medal or a trophy.  It was fun to try to get 20 books read." - Eva, 3rd grader

"I like Smith library because you get free books and warm fuzzies and books for a whole week.  Also I like authors and the new furniture.  I also like story time a lot.  I love the library." 
- Addysen, 1st grader

"I like the Smith Book Idol because we get to have previews to lots of great books in a play form."
-Drew, 2nd grader

I enjoy the fun activities we do in the library.  I enjoy Mrs. Pelias as the library teacher.  I enjoy reading the graphic novels.  I also enjoy the fuzzies we got." - Donovan, 4th grader

"In the library I like to check out books and read them.  I also like to do the activities." 
- Ethan, 1st grader

"My favorite thing we did this year in library is checking out some amazing books and sending the Flat Stanleys we made to someone we know out of our state.  They took pictures and sent them back and Mrs. Pelias hung them up.  And most of all I like seeing Mrs. Pelias at the Smith Library."
 - Presley, 2nd grader

"I like the MakerSpace a lot because you can make a lot of stuff.  I also like Dot Day because you can make a lot of stuff on Dot Day too.  I like where you have a costume day too!"  - Kyle, 3rd grader

"I liked the shelf markers because they mark my spot on the shelf if I want to go show my friend a book.  Shelf markers help keep my spot on the shelf if I'm deciding which book to choose." 
- Will, 3rd grader

"I loved when it was Smith Book Idol.  I loved when it was dress up as your favorite book character day.  I loved when author Marc tyler Nobleman came to talk.  I loved when Mrs. Pelias dressed up as Anna." - Alexa, 2nd grader

"My favorite thing is writing poems."  - Derek, 2nd grader

"What I like about Smith Reads is warm fuzzies and Mrs. Pelias is there!  I also like picking out books and reading them." Hannah, 1st  grader

"I like library because we always give out books at the end of the year.  The Bluebonnets your read and take a short quiz.  Children's Book Week is probably one of the best.  Books fair is also one of the best!" Ian, 3rd grader

"My most favorite memory of the library is all the amazing books that fill the librar!  The librarian fills her stories with love!  She loves to read no matter what!  She care about books." 
- Kella, 2nd grader

"I remember when we drew pictures of book Voldemort or Scaredy Squirrel or Pigeon.  It was so much fun.  And we made heart bookmarks.  We love the Smith library and Mrs. Pelias." - Hanna, 3rd grader

"What I like about Smith Reads because is the crafts.  They are so fun.  But the best thing is Mrs. Pelias.  She is the total, best librarian." - Daakshu, 2nd grader

"I would like to tell you about the great events we do in the library like Smith Idol, the famous Dot Day, Smith Reads week, warm fuzzies, book fair, movie day, author visits and much more activities!  We have had an amazing time doing these things and cannot wait to see what we will do next year." -- Mallory, 4th grader

"My favorite activity at the Smith Reads Library was the MakerSpace because you get to make cool stuff like origami, bookmarks and trees." - Trevor, 4th grader

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