Monday, September 21, 2015

DOT DAY turned into DOT WEEK at Smith this year!  After students were reminded with dobbed on DOTS on their hands, everyone wore their DOTS proudly on Tuesday!!!

Students continued celebrating in the SMITH READS Library all week long.  Each class heard Peter Reynold's book, THE DOT in the library and talked about how they could make a mark and help fill up a friend's bucket with encouraging words.  The celebration began on September 15 with visiting cheerleaders and drummers from our next door neighbors at Clark Middle School.  Thanks so much to Mr. Partin,  Mr. Katz, Ms. Giba and Mrs. Conklin for participating in our big day with their students! Smith teachers and staff were so happy to see former students greeting current students in the car line as they arrived to school.

Students in 5th grade created DOT MURALS to help decorate the building and promote DOT DAY around the school.  They used tempura paint to create these masterpieces at the SMITH READS Makerspace.  The 3rd and 4th graders connected the dots by using their creativity to design a quarter of a dot. Then Mrs. Pelias put random quarters together to make jumbo dots for more DOT displays!  Even Ms. Mass and Mrs. Sibley, principal and assistant principal joined in the fun and designed their own quarters of dots!

Kindergarten, first and second graders created magical, 3D dots using augmented reality and the coLAR/Quiver iPad app.  Students were amazed to see their DOTS come to life.  Lots of eyes were popping out of their heads in wonder. "How does it do that?", they would ask with a big smile.


Students in third, fourth and fifth grade visited DOT WEEK Stations to make some DOT DAY DREAMS come true.  Students made Dazzling Dots, DotMarks(bookmarks), Aboriginal Dot Art,
Doodle Buddy DOTS, Celebri-DOTS of their own, DOT words to describe themselves and much more!

Students in 2nd grade visited with some 1st graders at Shawnee Trail via Google Hangout and learned The Dot Song by Emily Dale.  It's fun to make new friends!

Here's what the SMITH students had to say about DOT DAY/DOT WEEK this year:

"WOW!  This is so much fun!"

"Look at my DOT!"

"This looks really cool!"

"That song...'Make, make, make a mark' is stuck in my head!  It's such a good song!"

"I really like coming here!"

"Whoa!  Cheerleaders and a band!!!"

"Do we get to take the stuff we made home?!"

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