Friday, November 6, 2015

Smith 3rd and 4th graders welcomed illustrator, AG Ford to the SMITH READS Library on Friday, November 6, 2015.  Students were already familiar with Mr. Ford after hearing the book he illustrated, GOAL! from Mrs. Pelias during Extra Specials.  The boys and girls also did a little research of their own using QR codes to dive into the AG FORD ART site,

AG Ford talked about how he started drawing when he was very young.  One of his favorite things to draw was the ninja turtles.  He shared some of his early work with us.  It was interesting to see the paintings he had done that have turned into pages in a book.

Everyone loved it when he showed us how to draw a person, step-by-step.  Then he showed us how to draw a lion using shapes!  Students were excited to watch the whole process take place.

Thank you, Mr. Ford for coming to Smith to share your amazing art with our students!!! 

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