Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Students may check out books from the SMITH READS Library during their library times each week for Kinder and First Grade, and every other week for Second through Fifth Grade.  Second and Fifth Graders may also come to the library before school starting at 7:30am and after school until 3:00pm if they need to return, recheck or get new library books.  

The LS2 Check Out System, that is new this year, automatically emails parents when a student has books that are out longer than 2 weeks.  If you receive one of these emails, just send the books back to the library the next school day.  If your child needs to recheck the book to finish it, that is something that can be done during the morning or afternoon times.  

Please keep in mind books with the hard 2 week maximum check out are this year's Bluebonnet nominees that are chapter books.  This year's Bluebonnet nominees that are picture books have a 2 day maximum checkout.

Thanks as always for supporting your child's reading adventure!

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