Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fifth graders enjoyed some buddy reading time today in the SMITH READS Library with Mrs. Probst-Taylor's Kindergarten students.  The event came about when two classes were double-booked and overlapping by 15 minutes.  We turned lemons into lemonade and had everyone involved!  The kindergarten students are so proud of their new 5th grade friends!  The fifth graders gained reading confidence reading holiday picture books aloud to younger students.  It always increases fluency when students practice reading aloud.  A great way to practice this at home is for students to read to a younger brother or sister.  If they are an only child, they could read aloud to their pet!  Don't have a pet?  No problem!  Grab a stuffed animal or doll and let your child read aloud to it.  Parents will be amazed at how much more emotions readers who when they are reading to someone else!  

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