Monday, May 23, 2016

Students can hang out this summer with a good book that will take you places!  2015-2016 Smith theme was Learning in a can take a journey ANYWHERE in a great book!  Though our doors are closed and the school is locked for the summer, students may check out Ebooks through Frisco ISD Overdrive using the link below.  All students need is his/her student ID number, and they can browse the overdrive catalog for books.  The book will automatically disappear from the account at two there isn't a chance of having anything overdue or lost:)

Frisco ISD Overdrive for eBOOKS this summer!

Make sure you take a trip to the Frisco Public Library this summer too!  The librarians at the library have been planning a lot of great activities and special events to keep you cool while reading this summer.  Check out their website below! 

Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program that will knock your socks off!  Check out their reading requirements below.

Barnes and Noble Kids/kick-off-summer-reading-season/

Don't know what to have your child read?  Check out the Scholastic Reading Lists per age level at the link below.  Enjoy reading with your child.  Don't forget that children LOVE it when their parents read aloud to them.

Great reading lists for your children (by ages)

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