Monday, August 22, 2016

Students at Smith will be celebrating annual DOT DAY and Peter Reynolds' book, The Dot. On September 15, 2016,  have students wear as many DOTS as they can! Along with wearing DOTS, students will be visiting DOT STATIONS in the library to create their own dots!  Virtual dots on Doodle Buddy, real dots on paper, creative story dots and more!!!

The Dot is a story about a little girl who doesn't have much confidence in her art abilities...until one day when her teacher tells her to start by making a dot.  The next day, her dot is in a swirly frame displayed in the classroom!  After that, she tries to make the best dot ever!!!  This includes an entire DOT art exhibit! When another student looks at her work with envy, guess what she does for him?!  This beautiful story is about encouraging others to be the best they can be!

Below you will find a slideshow from our DOT DAY 2015.  You will also see the story put to music by Emily Arrow celebrating The Dot tradition by Peter Reynolds!

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