Friday, August 12, 2016

The fiction section is going to look a little different when students visit the library in the fall. The chapter books have been divided into genres to help students find their favorite type of story to read!  This typed of categorizing is called GENREFICTION, and it is happening in hip libraries everywhere!

The process at Smith began slowly and took a lot of time.  While we were genrefying the fiction, these thoughts ran through my mind:
  • This is going to be great!  
  • How many times a day to does someone in the library ask "Where are the (fill in the blank with genre) books?
  • All we have to do is put the books into categories.  Easy peasy!
  • Oh dear...we are gonna need some more genre labels!
  • This is a pretty big undertaking!   
  • We need more Fantasy labels.
  • Will this EVER get finished?
  • What were we thinking?!
  • We ran out of Sports genre labels!
  • WOW!  We have a ton of Realistic Fiction!
  • This is going great!!!  LOVE it!
  • Sure, the students will like this... The results should make the Fiction section more user friendly!
  • It's going to be fun when the students arrive and see it for the first time in the fall!!!
Tips on Genrefying the Fiction Section:

Start early by reading blog articles about how other librarians have done it.

Weed first.  No sense in categorizing moldy, old or damaged books.
Make a plan of action.  Weed first!!!
Decide which genres will  be popular in the library. 
Again, if you haven't gotten the message, weed first!
Some of the popular series are pulled to a separate "series" section because those books are almost always checked out and not on the shelves anyway!  Wink:)

Time to empty the shelves.  The SMITH READS Library Crew was happy to help with this part.  They even cleaned and dusted off the shelves.  Yay, Library Crew!!!

We labeled on and off during the year and pulled all of the books off the shelves during the last two weeks of school. Then made a table for each genre and separated the books according to genre.  This got a little crazy...get ready.  The versa page will help decide the genre on some books that might not be an obvious choice.  Label all of the books using genre labels.  We got ours from DEMCO.

After labeling the books, figure out where you will put them on your shelves.  Be sure to save an empty row for new purchases!
Stick to it...don't give up!
Talk it up with your school community...including the staff, students and parents!
Make signage simple and easy to read.  I even made 8 X 10 genre label to include on the shelves.  After getting all the books on in their correct section, we transferred the holdings code in the LS2 catalog to help students find what they needed.

Keep each genre in author alpha order within its genre shelf.  
Have an open house!  We will start the first day with a "soft opening" and have a big grand opening and ribbon cutting the second week of school.
Let everyone ooh, aah and CHECK OUT!!!
Have fun! The readers will LOVE IT!!!

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