Monday, September 19, 2016

Dot Day 2016 is in the books and was a big success at Smith Elementary!  Students prepared for the big day a couple of weeks in advance in the art room with Mrs. Pitts, in the music room through song with Mrs. Dahl and in the library with Mrs. Pelias.  The Dot by Peter Reynolds was shared with all the students.  Everyone loved that the teacher put the little dot in the frame for Vashti's next visit to the art room. Students said that the teacher filled her bucket!  Little ones thought Vashti was so nice to the little squiggle boy.  Many students predicted that the little boy would have a squiggle art show soon...just like Vashi's Dot Show!

Thank you, Emily Arrow for putting Peter Reynolds' story to music!  The students at Smith learned the song and hand motions with Mrs. Dahl.  She taught the students in Kindergarten, first and second grade the song in their "extra" specials classes.  The students were excited to surprise Mrs. Pelias with the song at Celebrate Smith where she was kicking off the DOT DAY fun!  Photography is credited to a talented Smith mom, Erin Moulden.  Many thanks go to her for donating her service!


Artists explored different ways to express their creativity while collaborating with others to make a group dot!  Students moved up and down a strip of dots to add whatever color they desired.  When all the strips were hung up, the dots made a dramatic statement about working together!

Students also looked to different artists like Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, and Piet Mondrian for inspiration.  Mrs. Pitts taught the students about some of their famous pieces and the styles these artists use in their paintings.  The students drew upon the artists' works to create these fabulous dots!  The end results was beautiful! 

Mrs. Pelias favorite dot in Peter Reynolds' story was the one that Vashti created without painting a dot.  Students at Smith had fun painting their own dot using negative space in the art room.  These dots showed off students' creative use of color and paint while connecting with Vashti's style of painting "outside the dot" instead of outside the box!

In the library students experienced dots while traveling to different Dot Stations like Doodle Buddy Dots, Connecting Dots, Domino Math Dots, Quiver Magic Dots, Dazzling Dots and Dotmarks(bookmarks)!  Students were so excited to created dots at all the stations.  The Kindergarten and first graders turned their dots into magic dots with the Quiver App on the ipads.  Children were squealing with delight as their dots multiplied, bounced, disappeared and came back again!

Dot-wearing students arrived at school on September 15 and were greeted by the neighboring Clark Middle School band and cheerleaders to begin the DOT DAY fun!  The band played songs to pep up the crowd while the cheerleaders waved their poms and giant dot signs.  Thank you to Mr. Katz and Mr. Timpani for joining in the DAY DAY entertainment! 


Time for a DOT DAY fashion show!  Staff and students came prepared for the big day and wore as many dots as they could find in their closets!  It was an excited and very dotty morning!

After morning WIN time, all of TEAM SMITH met in the bus circle in the back of the school for a GIANT HUMAN DOT!  It started as a rectangle, formed into an oval and finally made it's way into a fabulous dot...due to everyone working together!  Mrs. Moulden took our photo from atop a cherry-picker supplied by Vince Brewer, our PE teacher, Denise Brewer's husband.

~Let's hear it for TEAM SMITH and DOT DAY 2016~

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