Friday, September 9, 2016

Students in Kindergarten visited the library for their first storytime with Mrs. Pelias. The boys and girls enjoyed hearing A Perfectly Messed Up Story by Patrick McDonnell. This story is a hysterical, laugh out loud way to show children how to care for books.

 Grades 1-5 kicked off the "Make it" a great year with Makerspaces by signing up for maker time in the library. Students visited several maker stations including a Check out a Book station during their first week back to school!

  Students used Little Bits to create circuits. Lights, sound and working fans were the reward if students completed their circuit. Everyone wanted to make the loud beep sound!

 Makers were constructing with Clix Magnetic Building Systems. Students had pictures of some suggestions  to work from but mainly used their imagination to create fabulous designs.

Using the Texo sticks and connectors, students created all kinds of structures. One group was inspired by the Summer Olympics and created all the gymnastics equipments out of the materials!

 Artists enjoyed relaxing with intricate coloring designs and art pencils. A lot of great conversation about how the first week of school was going could be heard here.

Let's not forget the LEGO WALL! Students had free choice and could create anything on the Lego Wall. The Watchdog, Mr. Lindsey (who built the Lego Wall for us) came in to create too!

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