Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Smith art students took Aaron Reynolds' book Creepy Carrots seriously!  Mrs. Pitts has students molding with clay in the art room.  She is teaching the students about pinching techniques and how to care for clay.  The students have been creating Creepy Carrots to go in the Smith-hopper Field to welcome author, Aaron Reynolds next month.

Today was firing day!  The carrots are in the kiln cooking up to perfection.  After the carrots are done, students will glaze them with color before they get fired again.  Does Aaron Reynolds know how excited these students are?  Parents at Smith purchased over 60 copies of his different books for his visit.  He will be autographing for a while!  

Smith readers are looking forward to meeting Aaron Reynolds and showing off the Smith-hopper Field to him!  See you soon, Mr. Reynolds!

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